This morning Governor Cuomo cited time on ventilators as a huge problem. COVID-19 patients require longer periods of mechanical ventilation. The longer the patient is on the ventilator the higher the probability of bad outcomes. Reduced turn-around time makes fewer ventilators available in ICU’s for the backlog of COVID-19 patients. This has proved to be an enormous challenge in New York State. 
This is exactly the mission of the SIMEX System. The SIMEX Automated Subglottic Aspiration System can decrease # of days on ventilator. Removing infectious aspirations before they enter the lungs is the number one priority for treatment of ventilator assisted patients. The SIMEX system is specifically designed to automatically—without repeated need for clinical involvement—collect and contain infectious secretions reducing secondary infections in the lungs (which lengthens time on ventilators). SIMEX’s Integrated and self-contained collection canister protects ICU clinicians from infectious secretions. 
Below is the link to Governor Cuomo’s news conference and the comments he made regarding mechanical ventilation.

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